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Lyme Positive Support Group Meeting

This month, Kate Hope will be speaking about Diet and Nutrition for Lyme Disease. Topics will include different anti-inflammatory diets, eating 'clean', and supplements.

Title: Nutritional Therapies for Lyme Disease
Date/Time: Thursday, May 19; 6:00-7:30pm
Where: Calgo Gardens, 462 Adelphia Road, Freehold, NJ

Do you or someone you know suffer from Lyme Disease or one of 􏰀the associated vector-borne illnesses?

LymePosi􏰁tive is a local, not-for-profit organiza􏰁tion formed by and for Lyme sufferers and 􏰀their families. We know it can be over􏰂whelming. That’s 􏰂why we created a posi􏰁tive, nourishing environment 􏰂where you can feel comfort􏰃able sharing your struggles as well as your successes.

Come join our uplifti􏰁ng mon􏰀thly mee􏰁tings, consisting of informa􏰁tion, guestspeakers, group discussion, and lots of support􏰃! 

Please call: 732-440-8859 for more information, and to reserve your seat

Or email us at: