Whether you just need a little guidance to get you started on your healthy plan, or a coach to travel with you on your journey, I am available to assist you. Working from a functional nutrition perspective, I will help you get to the source of your condition, using a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science to facilitate the healing process.

Personal one-on-one nutritional counseling (In person at two New Jersey locations, by Skype or by phone)  

  • The initial visit is one hour in length and includes:

    • In-depth health history, where I listen to your story and start the detective work to get to the root cause of your issues

    • Evaluation of your current physical symptoms

    • Review any blood work provided

    • Recommendations on further lab work

    • Preliminary nutritional advice and wellness plan to get you started on your healing journey

  • The 30-45 minute follow-up visits include:

    • Modifications to your wellness plan as you proceed

    • Lists of foods to include and avoid

    • Recipes and meal plan ideas, tailored to your preferences

    • Suggestions for lifestyle modifications

    • Recommendations for natural supplements

    • Review of any new lab results

  • Additional follow-up visits as needed

  • Email support

I work out of the following two locations:

Atlantic Medicine and Wellness

  • If you are in the New Jersey area, I work at Atlantic Medicine and Wellness, Manasquan, NJ. I partner with integrative and functional medicine doctors to provide medically-supervised nutrition counseling for a variety of health conditions. Call me at 732-440-8859 if you would like more information. You can also call Atlantic Medicine and Wellness at 732-528-5533.
    In-person appointments only.

The Children’s Wellness and Developmental Center

  • Also located in New Jersey, the Children’s Wellness and Developmental Center is located in the town of Spring Lake Heights. I partner with a Nurse Practitioner to provide biomedical and nutritional services to children on the autism spectrum. I also see adult patients at this office who suffer from chronic conditions such as Lyme, autoimmune disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, thyroid issues and more. Call me at 732-440-8859 for more information. You can also call the Children’s Wellness and Developmental Center at 732-919-1335.
    In-person, phone and Skype appointments are available at this location.

LymePositive Support Group Meetings FREE

  • Usually the third Thursday of the month at Calgo Gardens, Freehold, NJ, 6:30-7:30 pm. Check out the Events Page for meeting announcements. Call to reserve your seat.

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