The Magic Pill Documentary

I had the absolute honor to help a little angel, Abigail Dudley, on her healing journey. She was one of those featured in the documentary, The Magic Pill. Check out the trailer here: and watch the full documentary on Netflix.


Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #3

I was honored to be asked by Dr. Jay Davidson, to speak again for the Chronic Lyme Summit #3, Spring 2018. I discussed the importance of balancing your Circadian Rhythm when dealing with chronic issues like Lyme Disease. If you would like to hear my talk or one of many other amazing experts, check it out here:

Beyond Your Wildest Genes Podcast

I was interviewed by Dr. Michael Acanfora on the "Beyond Your Wildest Genes" podcast. I talked about functional medicine and nutrition, and how a functional approached helped in my Lyme healing journey. Listen on iTunes here:



Lyme Talk Radio

I was a guest on Dr. Pat's Lyme Talk Radio show on March 9, 2016. I discussed the GAPS Diet and how it can help people suffering with Lyme Disease and other chronic conditions, by "healing and sealing" the intestinal lining. 

Click the link below to hear the archived interview:,4271.html


Chronic Lyme Disease Summit

I am a featured speaker on the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit airing April 4-11, 2016. I discuss my Lyme story and how the GAPS Diet helped me, as well as many of my clients. The talks are FREE to listen to during that week. You may also purchase the whole summit so you can listen at your convenience. I was blessed to be in the shadows of such giants as Dr. Richard Horowitz and Dr. Lee Cowden, renown Lyme experts. Fabulous information for anyone suffering with Lyme.

Click here to attend FREE (between April 4-11, 2016):
Click here to purchase all 31 talks, plus tons of free bonuses:

Change Your Diet, Change Your Life Summit

I was interviewed by host Gail Sauter for the Change Your Diet, Change Your Life Summit, which begins on April 25, 2016. My talk airs on May 18. I discuss the GAPS Diet and how it can help heal a "leaky gut" and improve conditions such as autism, ADD/ADHD, schizophrenia, depression, eating disorders, cardiovascular issues, chronic disease and more. Discover how to look and feel better from the inside out! The summit is FREE, so sign up here: