If you haven't yet seen The Magic Pill on Netflix, Kate Hope is the one who helped my wife and I switch our daughter Abigail over to the GAPS diet during the film. She's an amazingly kind and caring person, and very knowledgeable. She comes highly recommended to say the least!

-Barry Dudley, NJ

Kate has been instrumental in helping me to understand the relationship between food and our bodies.  She has helped me eliminate sugar and gluten from my diet, which in turn has helped me lose weight.  After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Kate taught me which foods have inflammatory properties.  Since working with Kate, I feel better and have more energy.

-Martha, NJ

Kate has really helped me with with my Lyme Disease, helping to tailor my nutritional needs, and showing me how to navigate my way around gluten and dairy allergies. Kate explains things in an easy and non-judgmental way. I have received wonderful recommendations for foods and supplements which have really helped me to live a healthier lifestyle. I have more energy and I am able to enjoy my meals. Thank you, Kate!   

-Susan, NJ

I have known Kate for a long time. Her science background combined with her nutritional studies truly advance her knowledge and understanding of what is needed for individual cases. She really listens to your concerns and personalizes her suggestions just for you. Her recommendation to add probiotics, along with her dietary guidance around my gut issues, helped put me on a healthier path. She also makes a delicious fire cider I could drink by itself!                         

-Sue F., NJ

Kate is a very knowledgeable and sincere person who genuinely cares to help people improve their health with natural methods. Being a vegetarian I thought I was healthy enough but I confess my salads, though awesome, were in a rut. The way Kate explains the benefits of expanding my usual fruit and vegetable repertoire by color was an eye-opener all on it's own. This is the summer I'm trying 'new' fruits and veggies and I have Kate to thank for taking my everyday salads to a whole new level.....OH! the diversity!! That should keep me healthy. I'm going to follow her blog and keep an eye out for recipes!

-Lizz, PA

Kate and I have been friends for over a decade. I have always found it easy to talk to her about my health and nutritional concerns. Kate speaks to me with such ease and helps me make the right decisions. She’s always ready to help and she knows what she is talking about.

-Joyce, NJ

Kate is truly a natural born healer.  Though her passion for nutrition is evident, her life's purpose is clearly to help others enjoy their own optimal health.  I have struggled with weight gain, cystic acne and depression during my 20s and 30s.  With Kate's gentle, nurturing and non-judgmental ways, I have been able to face off against these battles.  She blends her vast knowledge of science, nutrition, herbs, supplements, etc. and her encouragement into a carefully designed wellness plan.  This detailed plan is user friendly and feels attainable.  Her healing methods are holistic - recognizing how the mind, body and spirit are all connected when it comes to our overall health.  If you are struggling with a chronic condition, the yo yo diet syndrome, or simply seek a healthier lifestyle, you will be grateful to have Kate as your guide on the road to wellness.

-Erin, NJ

Kate, thanks for being so encouraging. I’m finally feeling better about myself, as this journey has not been easy. Thank you for listening to me as a ‘whole’ person! (Marie lost 30 pounds in 5 months)

-Marie, NJ